Feb 14, 2014

Multiple timers - Kim Kardashian

It's been almost nine months since Kim Kardashian has shown up here. (Hey, didn't she just have a baby?)

This marks her record-breaking 20th time on the blog! (Without looking, can you guess who she was tied with at 19 appearances?)

Did you miss Kim? Maybe if you click HERE for more pictures, you'll feel better.


  1. love the last foto a doulble TC.. somting i dont see often.. yeah in my dreams hahaha
    and i tried to figure out who it could be and thought: pamela or victoria but no,.. i dont know.. and have a headache now hihihi to many flashes of tc in my head trying to figure it out.. ;$


  2. I was going to guess Blake Lively or Eva Longoria, but I see now that both of them came up short against . . . well I won't give it away.

  3. fugly... a dressed whale!...