Apr 22, 2014

Ladies of the 90s - Two for Tuesday

Laura Prepon got her start in the 90s on the TV show "That 70s Show".

She's worked pretty consistently since then and she's currently a regular on the Showtime series "Orange Is the New Black".

Rose McGowan might be best known for her role in the TV series "Charmed", but before that she did a bunch of movies in the 90s including "Bio-Dome", "Scream", "Phantoms" and "Jawbreaker".

She's been doing movies and TV ever since including a semi-recurring role on the fantasy TV show "Once Upon A Time".


  1. I can't forget number 1


  2. Donna Pinciotti - She's still looking pretty in her sultry heels and toe cleavage... and I'm not much for red heads myself..