May 13, 2014

Em - Emma Roberts (again)

Hey! I just found some more recent photos of Emma Roberts sporting toe cleavage! Want to see them? Okay!


  1. I think that the heels are to large for can see the extra spaces between her feet. Lovely tc and heels tho.

  2. Question for the group: Has anyone been to the site: Celebrities in High Heel Pumps? If so, what is going on, it seems to be almost abandoned as far as new submissions.... Is there a new site I am not aware of? Of course, this site (The Toe Cleavage Blog) is superior, but I'm just curious about what appears to be the slowing of submissions on Celebrities in High Heel Pumps...

    Thanks for any input.


    1. This is the only reliably updated site that I know of. I go to skimpy shirts and occasionally find some decent pics. If I come across any other useful sites I'll be sure to pass them along.

  3. place might fill your bill....


  4. Unusual shoe design and I don't think they are a good fit, but great tc.

  5. Nice cleavage, but I cannot imagine she bought that pair of shoes by herself. If the shoes were not fixed by this straps they would fall off her feet...