May 16, 2014

M - Mandys

How about a couple of Mandys to take you into your weekend...

Singer/actress Mandy Moore has sold more than 12.5 million albums and has done a bunch of movies and TV shows.

German singer Mandy Capristo was in a band named Montrose before going solo in 2011.


  1. Love Mandy Moore, but she used to say that she dont like to wear heels. Well she shud wear heels all the time, she looks great in heels.

  2. Mandy Moory, ugly big feet sorry. Mandy Capristo, I dont know why girls today try to look like JLo, JLo es ugliest woman in world...

  3. hello, you should do a Cannes Festival topic!! :)

  4. No carmen Electra