Feb 15, 2015

A is for Answers (and more Twitter pics)

Thought I'd go through your questions/requests from a couple of weeks ago and give a few answers/responses.

In no particular order:

More women in nylons/pantyhose (x2).
 Hard to find - most celebs don't wear nylons/ph (with the possible exception of Ariana Grande)

More women with smaller feet.....like five and a half and under (x2).
 Don't know of a specific place for small women's feet and way too lazy to look up every woman's foot size.  Got a resource?

Do you know who holds the record for receiving the most "five star" awards?
 Not 100% sure but I think one of the Stana Katic posts went over 75 *****

I want tom come all over those heels. So bad. Wow.
 Can't help you with that buddy.

 I would like to see more than 1 update/day.
Start paying me.

 Maybe it would be a good idea to let others post threads as well.
 This is a blog (mine), not a forum.

Who is this lady?  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-zljRMNqKD7w/VMkcYL6y6II/AAAAAAAAwb0/IfflWwQtyOU/s0/B7JwjBJCEAIOsRT.jpg%2Blarge.jpg
 Jacey Birch

Are there any adult DVDs that cater to toe cleavage?
 Not that I know of, but there are plenty of foot vids.

 Nude pumps
 Done it before (a few times) - I'm sure I'll do it again

Done it before - hard to find good slingback TC stuff

Love to - start getting women to wear them

Louboutins called "big lips" with their metal spikes
Looked for these, not the greatest TC shoe

What do you do for a living?
 I used to work in retail then I was unemployed for a while now I do a few different part-time jobs that pay the bills and give me a decent amount of free time.

Where do you find most of your pictures?
There's probably about a half dozen various celebrity sites I check daily (really liking PicturePub.net right now) in addition to specific celebrity sites on occasion and Google/Bing/Twitter/etc.

Oscar nominated actresses
Did that once before and pretty much all of this year's crop have been here.

Veiny feet (x2)
Did it before - tough to find enough for a whole week

Neon heels.
Did it before - tough to find enough for a whole week (this isn't the 80s)

Flats (x3)
Always a tough call - some people love flats, some hate them.  I'm not a particular fan and you rarely see celebs wearing them so we probably won't be seeing much here except in the occasional Twitter pic.

Forum (x3)
 This is a blog, not a forum and while I do like to see other peoples comments/discussions I don't want to have to be a moderator when stuff inevitably gets out of hand.  I wouldn't mind some sort a discussion board but I'm not really sure how to do it and incorporate it into a blog.

 Louboutin Hot Chick at 130mm
LOVE to see more of these but it's a relatively new shoe and nearly impossible to walk in, doubt we'll get a lot of these

Pants or jeans
 Done it before - might do it again

 Skinny girls
 As opposed to all the porkers I usually post?

 Over 40
Just did this recently - give me some time to get more pics

Porn stars (x3)
 Been thinking about doing this recently but surprisingly hard to find porn star pics in TC heels (and since this is a PG board the pics will be 'mostly' clothed).

 Louboutin week
Done plenty of times before and really there's enough Loubis on regular posts that I don't know if I'll do a week

MILFs (x2)
 Pretty much the same as Over 40 week (unless you 'specifically' want those women to have given birth).

Pinky popping feet and heels,
 Doubt it - find a feet blog

Wide feet, narrow heels.
 Too specific, give me names

 YouTube links with TC VIDS on here (x2)
 Really?  You can't do this yourself?  Fine, here you go - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=toe+cleavage  Knock yourself out.

 Two woman wearing at the same time.
 Where are these women hanging out?

Bisexual woman or a lesbian
Would you like Ellen Degeneres or Rosie O'Donnell?

Peeptoe pumps with cleavage
Not gonna happen.  If you consider toe cleavage = boob cleavage then peep toes would be akin to showing nipples.  (Note: thought about putting some on in the early days of the blog but found there was plenty of "pure" TC pics out there).

We should club together to commission a girl or girls to wear particular heels that could be videoed and photographed specifically for that purpose.
 I think that's a great idea but we'd all have to agree on a woman and get someone to get the money together.  Anybody else interested and any suggestions on what woman?

Your best guess as to the allure of your site. 
That's a really good question.  I guess you'd have to ask the readers.  Obviously it's the basic thrill of looking at an attractive woman in heels but why is the Toe Cleavage the important thing?  There's some foot fetish stuff, probably a little domination fetish, maybe it's that the toe slits subconsciously remind us of a woman's private parts...  Any readers want to contribute why they're attracted to TC?
As to why my specific site is popular - Longevity - It's been going for almost five years and has over 1500 posts.  Consistency - Haven't missed a day of posting and I went to weekend posting almost a year ago  Quality - I try to post the highest quality pictures

 Here's some of the women you asked for:

Martha McCallum, Ainsley Earhardt, Andrea Tantaros, Heather Nauart & news ladies
Where do I find pictures of them?

Priyanka Chopra & Indian celebs
 Where do I find pictures of them?

 Stana Katic (x3)
Stop asking for Stana!  I've given you all I have and I'll give you more if she ever shows off the TC, I promise!

Maggie Q (x5)
I get it.  You like Maggie Q.

 Zendaya Coleman
Just posted for the first time- don't worry, there will be more.

More "amateur" photos
Not easy to find (especially for me, I'm lazy) but I'd be willing In fact, I'm putting out a call right now.  To any of my readers who have a wife/girlfriend/sister/aunt/mother/co-worker/teacher/probation officer/etc. or they themselves are female send pics to TC@takethepitch.com - Subject: My Pics   If I get enough I'll do a day, a week whatever it calls for.  Note: If you send me anything other than TC pics (open-toed, no TC) I'll appreciate them but I won't post them!

My wife
I'll see what I can do

 Catherine Bell, Gemma Arterton, Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Van Camp, Christa B Allen, Karine Ferri, Sasha Alexander, Angie Harmon, Jerri Ryan, Amy Willerton, Kerry Washington, Gina Rodriguez, Brooke Baldwin, Julianne Moore, Alexandria Ambrosio, Kerry Washington, Meredith Vieira, Camilla Al Fayed, Kristen Bell, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Aniston, Sophia Bush, Melissa Joan Hart, Kristen Stewart

Pretty much all of these ladies have been posted and I'm sure will be again.

Note: This blog is based in the US and if you're looking for pictures of foreign celebrities the reason they're usually not posted here is that I don't know where to find their pictures.  You know something I don't?  Give me a heads-up!

Thanks all for your participation and feel free to chime in on this post or any others often!

Now onto the Twitter pics (sadly not many at the start of this month)


  1. The women in pic 9 and 13. I love your shoes. You always take great pics and the shoes are sexy as hell. Please send more!!

  2. 6&11 for me are the best (next to a couple I already saw...somewhere)

  3. Jacey Birch and pic no 5

  4. You da man #2, thanks for your work!

  5. Thanx for your answer...... But let me tell u bro Priyanka chopra is not only an Indian celeb only..... She has become a global celeb as she stepped in singing....... So u can find her pics in the same places u found others too..... Start trying :-)

  6. Love your site. It's cool as it is. It is on my daily website rotation. These days I hear lots of times that people are making money with their blog putting up ads. Ever thought about that? I wouldn't mind High Heel related ads. Like direct links to (online) stores where you can buy the coolest high heel pumps.

  7. Maybe you'll include a tag with this category