Mar 19, 2015

More readers pics from ???

Somebody sent me these a while ago and I have no idea who. I think it might have been a husband/wife with a website of their own....?

If these are yours, claim them, either in the comments or e-mail me, so I can give proper credit.

Edit: Commenter says they are from Ms. Christina (

If you want to download all the pics in one lump - click HERE


  1. Not bad at all! Love the diversity of them all, nice veins so I am content. Very good

  2. I think there is about a 50/50 chance they are hubby's feet. Look at the hairy toes in a couple of them - YUCK!

    1. I assure you that the photos are of MY feet and Marcy's feet. I don't have hairy toes nor does Marcy. The purple pumps are a bit frayed and a couple of threads are poking out. Enlarge the photos and you can see what I mean.


  3. OMG, photos 9, 13 and 14.. I would pay to unload on those feet and heels. And those black skinny leg pants puts that look over the top!