Jul 31, 2015

Comic Book Women - Emma Stone & Rachel McAdams

In addition to their comic book movies separately, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams co-starred in this year's non-comic book movie "Aloha".

Which one do you prefer?

And to help you decide, HERE is a big ol' file of pics.

Rachel by herself

Emma by herself

Emma AND Rachel (faint...)


  1. great post! loving all the Rachel McAdams posts, glad to see her back in full view wearing CL heels and lots of TC!!
    More more more please!

  2. Looking fantastic as always - thanks for the posts.

    Re the download - I tried to download it but got a dmg file instead (I'm on a Mac). Looked fishy. I've downloaded stuff before without issue and this was weird. Maybe I mucked something up. Thanks as always for the pics!

    1. Yeah I think I mucked it up. Got it 2nd time around. Thanks again!

  3. Awesome double-bill! Edge goes to Rachel McAdams, IMO.

  4. Rachel she is awesome, she loves her Loubs and looks so good in them.

  5. who has bigger ankles: emma or rachel?

  6. Rachel has most big ankles, excelent toe cleavage, sexy feet

  7. a tfor..yummy.....four pias pare mi boca



  8. Rachel is the queen of Louboutins, another gorgeous set here once again. In my view Rachel on the red carpet in NY for premiere of The Time Traveller's Wife was probably the best TC/Heels/Dress combination ever. If you haven't seen those pics check them out online and see if you agree. :-) PS