Sep 11, 2015

On vacation - Amy Poehler

Going on vacation for a week or so, so no theme, just a bunch of random women showing off their toe cleavage.
You guys be good while I'm gone.

Here's comedian/actress Amy Poehler, famous for "Saturday Night Live" and "Parks & Recreation". You can also catch her in the recent Netflix series "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" and as the voice of Joy in "Inside Out".


  1. Love that wide feet / narrow heels look.
    10 stars no.2

  2. those pinky toes of hers are screaming let me out.

  3. Really really good. I agree the wide foot crammed in toes is so sexy. I also like her milf next door look, very very nice 10/10

  4. I´m really surprised by her (however I miss some variety between the pictures) - her toes look very sexy squeezed into these narrow shoes!!! I´m loving that!

  5. How about a week (or a month) of narrow heels?