Nov 23, 2015

Double up - Demi Lovato (day 1)

Thought I'd double up on the doubling up with another couple of days of Demi Lovato. Didn't think you'd mind.

And you just knew I had even more Demi right HERE


  1. Thanks no. 2
    This has to be one of the best posts of 2015, and if not they best.. It's top 3 material. God!! every picture a huge amount of tc exposure

  2. Great Post yet again. Looking forward to tomorrow. Awesome TC she is so damn hot and I don't even like tattoos.

  3. Wow wow WOW now that's very sexy
    Thank you this made my day...

  4. VERY sexy shoes. Shows off all the best parts of a woman's foot.

  5. I dig sexy Demis sexy feet and toes in the sexy shiny green pumps. The tattoo is the pepper that spices it over the top. This is as good as it gets. LOVE IT!!!!!!