Nov 30, 2015

Last day to donate

This is the last day for you to donate to The Toe Cleavage Blog.
Tomorrow morning I take down the link and you lose your opportunity to help contribute (not to mention the exclusive photoshoot with my wife that only donors will have access to).

In case you missed it, you can click HERE for more information

Also, I've decided that for those that want to contribute but are unable (or unwilling) to use PayPal, you can send an gift certificate to

To those that have already donated, a HUGE thanks to all of you, be a $5.00 donation or more (and a few of you went much more!)

By now you should have received your 'gift' in your e-mail (under the heading TC). If you contributed and have not gotten it, e-mail me at with your name/e-mail and the amount you contributed and I'll get it out to you.

Also, for those that did get the photoshoot, feel free to leave your comments down below.


  1. Great photoshoot !! Even if you don't think that the chief deservers every penny for the work he puts on this blog which I highly doubt, the photoshoot is great ! Loving it !

  2. Excellent shoot, you have a fine wife !

  3. Lovely pictures! Some lovely long legs, beautiful feet, and, of course, those excellent Louboutins! You should make this a more recurring thing! (If it pleases your wife, of course.)