Dec 30, 2015

New movies - Anna Kendrick

Curious as to who was my last new post in 2014?

Why it was Anna Kendrick, who has a bunch of movies coming out next year, including "The Hollars", "Get A Job" and "Table 19".

But who has time to wait for all that? Click HERE for more Anna.


  1. We almost need a 7 Stars slot for that arch close up. ~ZERO

  2. Wowzers, this may be the best post ever! Heavenly.

  3. Usually heels under 5 inches do not appeal to me, but these show off her feet fantastically. The close-up with the arch is wonderful.

  4. Heels are too low to be of any interest, sorry, but representative of today's poor fashion and lack of style (Ok it's better than what we see on the streets, but not much).