Jan 6, 2016

New year, new toe cleavage - Katherine McNamara

As we hit a new year, I always like to look at some new toe cleavage - women who have not been posted here before (possible Rookie of the Year candidates)

By the way, for those of you (and there were a few) who complained that I posted too many of the same women, I decided to check and I found out that last year You guys saw 194 different ladies (excluding, Twitter pics, readers pics and my wife). That's better than one every two days.

Now on to our lady of the day - 20 year old Katherine McNamara, an actress, singer, songwriter, model and dancer, who played Sonya in the latest and upcoming "Maze Runner" movies and will be seen in the lead role in the 2016 TV series "Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments'.

More McNamara if you just click HERE


  1. Awesome!


  2. a very pleasant wake me up today....

  3. so sexy it hurts

  4. sexy woman and she is wearing the right shoes!!