Jan 18, 2016

People's Choice Awards - Arden Cho

The problem with most award shows is that, although the women are dressed beautifully, they're usually in long formal dresses.
But at this year's People's Choice Awards, a number of ladies decided to dress a little more casually, showing off some leg (& toe cleavage).

You might remember Arden Cho from yesterday's post... or maybe from the 2011 movie "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid". Anyway, here she is again.


  1. I really like this new find No2 looking forwarding to seeing more of her and hopefully nice close ups of her TC in the future.

  2. yes...more toe cleavage


  3. Pic 4 is the best of the bunch, gorgeous legs, feet, instep and TC - wish her dress didn't cover her heels so much! More please number 2 PS