Feb 3, 2016

2nd chance - Vicki Pattison

Y'know, sometimes a woman makes an appearance here on the blog and then is never seen again.
Since this is the second month of the year, I'd like to give these ladies a second chance (and a second appearance).

British 'reality' show personality Vicki Pattison made her first appearance here nearly a year ago, February 9, 2015.


  1. I'm not sure why she hasn't been back sooner. Possibly because there isn't many photos of her in sexy TC heels? Anyhow she surely deserves a second chance, third, fourth and fifth.

    IMO waaay better TC than some of the other gals of recent. At least she has some color to her.

    All in all she's hott! Six stars!!


  2. doesn't get much sexier......


  3. Amazzzzzzzzzing.. all the exposure, god!

  4. Thanks for the great post. With TC and AC like that, I wouldn't mind seeing her a third time... or daily, for that matter!

  5. Vicki Pattison, you're a true TC star - gorgeous pics - simply some of the best we've seen. I remember seeing Vicki on breakfast TV here in the UK just after she won 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' wearing the very same Loubs. I'm afraid I did have to pause and rewind a few times.... Great Post Number2 PS :)

  6. I love louboutins!!!