Mar 13, 2016

Black on black - Victoria Beckham

Once a staple of this (and the previous) toe cleavage blog, Victoria Beckham has only made sporadic appearances over the last few years.

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  1. hmmmm.....never gave lower than 3 may be the first time


  2. At least, it is good to see her back on heels, most of the time nowadays she is wearing awful flatties. Her st...d husband could wait for her in the stairs ! If only she was smiling ... 5 stars anyway for the effort.

  3. I love her arches and this heels look very nice.
    BUT... she announced she will avoid to wear heels, I´ll not be a fan of her anymore! For the pictures I´d like to give 5 stars, but for her withdrawal she gets only 1 (or even zero!)

  4. Maybe her bunions are returning ? Good effort but Victoria wear your high pumps you have lovely toe cleavage and the cuveture of the arches are wonderful to see.