Apr 19, 2016

Post #2000 !!!!

Six years, one month and eighteen days ago The Toe Cleavage Blog was born.

Today we reach the milestone of 2000 posts

Here's some semi-interesting stats:

Posts - two thousand (duh)
Pageviews all-time - over seven million
Comments - over 6500

About 40% of the pageviews come from the USA with the Germany at #2 and the UK #3

Top post of all time (by number of pageviews)
New-vember - Beth Behrs

Number of different celebrity women posted - over 680

Most posted women -
Reese Witherspoon (37)
Blake Lively (28)
Eva Longoria (27)
Hilary Duff (23)
Jennifer Lopez (23)
Emma Stone (22)
Olivia Munn (22)
Kelly Brook (21)
Irina Shayk (20)
Julianne Hough (20)
Kim Kardashian (20)
Rihanna (20)

I want to thank the chief for his original toe cleavage blog, all the regular commenters and all my anonymous commenters. Good or bad, I read all the comments and it keeps me going to know that there are other like-minded individuals out there. Double thanks to anyone who contributed last November.

And who gets to be the lucky lady who is Ms. Post #2000?  
None other than my wife, making her first appearance here since August 2, 2015.

Get all the pix HERE


  1. Thanks for all these years - has it really been 6 years since the Chief disappeared from us? Thanks for all your hard work and excellent taste!

  2. Great blog, great post today. Congrats on your success and thanks for your work!

  3. Thanks for all you do. You produce a high class blog. Thanks for keeping the strange comments out of the blog also. Your wife is a treat to see as well.

  4. as you might remember, i tired to keep the SuperiorPics High Heel Pumps threads going for many years. then one day, like the Chief, i decided it was time for me to retire. thanks to you this fire keeps on burning.

    please do not follow in our footsteps and keep up the good work.

  5. Part of my daily ritual is to see what you have posted. Your blog is one of the few places that actually caters for what I am looking for. Great pics of your wife, wish we could see more everyday ladies looking so good and less of the celebs. That's what makes the twitter pics so nice just a shame they are limited to small snapshot. If only we could all persuade our wives and girlfriends to contribute.

  6. Congrats on your longevity, and thanks for your hard work on this wonderful blog. Love the arches in the Jimmy Choos.

  7. why can't see your face always??????????????????????

  8. Thanks for everything you do sir, I love this blog.

  9. As always, WELL DONE, Number2! You're the best.

  10. Thanks for all the posts ...