Jun 30, 2016

Twitter pics - June

Alright, enough with the alphabet already!

I guess I owe you guys some Twitter pics so how about you get them a day early!

Get 'em all in one shot right HERE

Jun 29, 2016

Z is for Ginger Zee

Since the last time she was here, Ginger Zee (weathergirl for "Good Morning America") got pregnant, had a kid and placed third on "Dancing With The Stars").

Click HERE for a sprinkling of more Ginger

Jun 28, 2016

Z is for Zendaya

A few more days in the month and I ran out of letters. Let's keep up the Zs with actress/singer/dancer Zendaya.

And if you fancy a little more Zendaya click HERE

Jun 27, 2016

Z is for Zoey Deutch

Phew! So that's it, the end of the alphabet. I guess I can take a break now?

For more Zoey go see one of the nine movies she has out this year or just click HERE