Jun 13, 2016

L is for Lea Michele

Do you like legs?

Good! Lea Michele has a couple she'd like to show you.

And I suppose you want some more, don't you? Greedy! Okay, click HERE


  1. Yes please I want to some, I.am greedy.She is amazing. Fantastic pics. Sexy shoes and Tc on a very sexy woman. 2 thumbs up!!This post is a perfect ten!!

  2. one of your best posts this year..thank you!:) I am not a fan in general of the clear PVC fabric in Heels, but here it works really well! Stunning Lady, with stunning legs...I even like the small tattoos, which I am normally not a fan of. Does anybody know which kind of Louboutins these are? thanks

  3. Very under rated goddess, I'd drink her sweat from those Louboutins. She has me wrapped around her pinkie toe and I like it