Aug 29, 2016

Short skirts - Chloe Grace Moretz

Aww crap, it's Monday again. What could I post to make this a better day?

Leather mini skirt? Check.
Toe cleavage-baring Louboutins? Check.
Chloe Grace Moretz? Check.

Well, that certainly brightens the day.

If you don't agree then by all means do not click HERE for 300+ CGM pics.


  1. not a big fan of heels with straps, however cannot dispute the five star young toe exposure....

  2. I give 5 stars without doubt

  3. As an extremely big fan of strapped heels, I mark this as an excellent post!

  4. Heels with straps make the world go round, or at least my head. Great post.

  5. I'm trying to be mad at her for her recent political affiliations. She's making this very difficult.
    Maybe it's time to kiss and make up. :)


  6. one of the all-time bests

  7. Yes oh yes. Belatedly catching up on this post but I think it has to rank as one of the best ever. Black - suede - ankle strap - louboutin - cutaway arch - 120mm - loads of TC. Perfection. Great post :-) PS