Mar 1, 2017

Red - Twitter pics - February (part 2) & Happy Anniversary to the Toe Cleavage Blog

Can you believe it's been SEVEN YEARS that I've been running the Toe Cleavage Blog?

Thanks go out to Chief who started it all, my gorgeous wife who puts up with this nonsense and, of course, you guys who come here every day to look at pretty women sporting that glorious TC (with special thanks to anyone who's ever donated $$$).

Here's some stats about the last 7 years that you probably don't care about -

2320 total posts
Pageviews all time - over 9 million
After the US, the biggest audience comes from (in order) Germany, The UK, France, Italy & Canada
There have been over 750 different celebrity women posted here
The most posted are:
Reese Witherspoon (41 times)
Blake Lively (34)
Eva Longoria (32)
Jennifer Lopez (29)
Hilary Duff (28)
Olivia Munn (27)
Julianne Hough (25)
Lea Michele (24)
Emma Stone (23)
Kelly Brook (21)
Rachel McAdams (21)
Zendaya (21)

And now what you're really here for, a new batch of Twitter pics this time with a red(ish) theme!

Get 'em all by clicking right HERE


  1. Happy Anniversary 2.


  2. Thanks for your hard work and consistency #2!

  3. Here's hoping you never tire of supporting this blog and never run out of picture to post! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  4. Wow seven years sure flew by, thanks for keeping your blog classy and please know we appreciate your efforts!

  5. great stats!
    wow 2320 posts... i think i've seen every one of them :)
    i'm going to have to start visiting more than my usual once a day if i'm going to get the UK ahead of Germany :)
    keep up the great work... awesome site

  6. Nice touch, putting Gemma Arterton in the header pic! She was your first (and best)!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for your dedication in making this one great blog.

  8. Number 2,

    All of your efforts are appreciated!!! Thank you, and your very understanding and supportive wife!!!