Apr 30, 2017

Women of TV - Emilia Clarke (day 2)

Yup, got some more Emilia Clarke today. Hope you don't mind.

Got even more right over HERE

Apr 29, 2017

Women of TV - Emilia Clarke

Late this year you can see Emilia Clarke vie for the Iron Throne on "Game of Thrones".

For now, you can click HERE for more pix

Apr 28, 2017

Women of TV - Ariel Winter

Well, I couldn't rightly do to 'Women of TV' theme without "Modern Family" star (and current TC Blog Woman of the Year) Ariel Winter, could I?

And I couldn't just give you ten pictures, could I? Click HERE for more

Apr 27, 2017

Women of TV - Allison Williams

Allison Williams just finished up her stint on the series "Girls" but I figured she still deserved to be here.

Apr 26, 2017

Women of TV - Lana Parrilla

And since we did the hero from "Once Upon A Time" yesterday, how about the (sometimes) villain today.
Lana Parrilla plays the (sometimes) Evil Queen.

And there's more Lana right over HERE