May 21, 2017

Hailee Steinfeld (day 3)

I may have run out of interesting facts about Hailee, but I haven't run out of pictures.

Download a bunch of them HERE


  1. Hi 2 [waves], I didn't want to bother you last night so I'm writing this morning to let you know I tried to download the Hailee folder from the first night and when it was done, it said HAILEE1.ZIP is not a valid file. I didn't get a chance to download it again because it was so late. Can you check it?
    Thanks man. See ya, ~ZERO

    1. I just downloaded it and unzipped it and it worked fine. Maybe it wasn't all the way downloaded when you unzipped? It is a big file.

    2. No problem man. I'll try it again. Thank you very much for checking. ~ZERO

  2. For a woman who is so young, Hailee Seinfeld get it.Great shoes and great legs.