Jul 31, 2017

Blue - Priyanka Chopra

Started off the 'blue' theme with Priyanka Chopra, now I'm ending it with her.

And since I like her, HERE are more pix

Jul 30, 2017

Blue - Reese Witherspoon

You can never go wrong with some of Oscar winner and former Toe Cleavage Woman of the Year Reese Witherspoon...

And to prove that, there's more pics of her over HERE

Jul 29, 2017

Blue - Elisabeth Röhm

According to IMDb, actress Elisabeth Röhm has about a dozen projects coming out in 2017-18.

And there's a bunch more pics of her over HERE

Jul 28, 2017

Blue - Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is on the small and the big screens - she just finished up her third season of the comedy "Angie Tribeca" and she got three upcoming movies.

If that wasn't enough, there's more pictures of her right HERE

Jul 27, 2017

Blue - Dannii Minogue

Kylie Minogue's little sister Dannii may not be as famous but she does rival her in the toe cleavage department.

Agree? Click HERE for more Dannii

Jul 26, 2017

Blue - Emilia Fox

British actress Emilia Fox is known mostly for her television work, appearing in "The Tunnel", "Delicious" and "Silent Witness".

And you can get more Emilia right HERE