Oct 24, 2017

Renee Zellweger

Remember when Renee Zellweger used to be showing off the toe cleavage all the time? Ahh, good times...
Luckily she hasn't forgotten how to hit the red carpet.

HERE is some more to help you remember..


  1. Spectacular as ever! She sets the bar!

  2. She's another queen of TC.

  3. Years ago, back in the Jerry Maguire days, I didn't realize how special she was. She does set the bar. I'd be comfy with her winning TC of the year probably indefinitely. -h.Roark.

  4. Number2,

    Thanks for the work! I have a suggestion for a topic: Some female politicians have some great legs and toe cleavage (and some are best in slacks). It would be a tough task, but might be interesting to see some of these political stars and their toe cleavage. Just a thought.


  5. Yeah man, I think that regardless of who anyone's favorite is, Renee has the absolute best track record here. I'm coming straight from the Blake Lively, Kristin Bell, Minka Kelly and now Crystal Reed camp and they may very well be my favorites but when the sweat dries....favorite or not...Renee is the top of the mountain.


  6. I always thought, i was alone with my admiration for Renée´s sexy feet, TC an high heels. Good to know, there are so many others. She is one of my personal heel queens.