Feb 6, 2018

Old school - Katheryn Winnick

Here's some 2015 pictures from the star of "Vikings" Katheryn Winnick.

And HERE they are as well


  1. Hi Number 2. Really sorry to say but your old school pics have been really disappointing apart from Gwen Stefani. I have saved pics back to the early days of the toe cleavage blog run by your predecessor (and the previous Loub site that was forced to close)and there are so many amazing TC pictures but your recent posts have not lived up to your high standard - sorry! I know you won't post this (understandably) but I'm sure you'll get back to your normal great posts soon. PS

    1. Based on downloads (especially of Amy Adams, Blake Lively and Kate Beckinsale) you are definitely in the minority in regards to not liking the 'old school' pics. But don't worry, I'll be ending fairly soon.

      ...also, as to not posting this - why not? I have no problem with non-insulting, constructive criticism. I don't expect everybody to like every post. I don't necessarily like every post. You weren't a dick. You weren't insulting. You just stated your opinion and that's cool with me.

  2. I’d like a week of what I think is classic TC poses. One leg extended out and slightly forward shows splendid TC and sometimes