Mar 1, 2018

Happy Anniversary!

Holy crap, EIGHT YEARS I've been running the Toe Cleavage Blog.

As always, thanks go out to Chief who started it all, my gorgeous wife (currently in the header above) who puts up with this silliness and, of course, you guys who come here every day to look at pretty women sporting that glorious TC. Special thanks to anyone who's commented and extra special thanks to those who have donated $$$.

Here's some stats about the last 8 years that you probably don't care about -

2688 total posts - including posting every day since Feb 24, 2014 - nearly 1500 days in a row!

Pageviews all time - almost 11 million (around 150,000-200,000 per month)

After the US, the biggest audience comes from (in order) Germany, The UK, France, Italy & Canada

There have been over 830 different celebrity women posted here
The top ten most posted are:
Reese Witherspoon (50 times!)
Blake Lively (41)
Eva Longoria (35)
Jennifer Lopez (34)
Hilary Duff (31)
Olivia Munn (30)
Emma Stone (26)
Julianne Hough (26)
Lea Michele (26)
Zendaya (26)

And now on to the important stuff - pictures!

Reader HH is a big fan (with good reason) of "Stilly" who posts at the Purse Forum (they have a big forum on Louboutins)

Below is just a small selection of Stilly's shoe collection. For more click HERE or visit her (over 500 pages of) posts on the forum HERE


  1. Number2,

    Congratulations on a job well done!


  2. Yes, you've done an excellent job since taking over for Perversions of the high heel pump

  3. Yes, you've done an excellent job since taking over for Perversions of the high heel pump

  4. Great post from the new header to the Stilly tc. Thanks for your efforts!

  5. Thank you #2 for your consistency of work and for providing us with TC!

  6. Happy happy anniversary and thanks for the thousands of posts over the past 8 years. It is hard to believe that it has been that long. And yes, I for one do care about the stats. Much thanks again!!!

  7. Number2: Thanks for all you do. I check the Toe Cleavage Blog before I check the morning news each day. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your wife. You're a lucky man.
    Also, thanks for the shout out about Stilly. It's worth combing through her 500+ pages for all the photos she's posted. Again, killer TC.

    1. More examples of Stilly's TC. (Hope you don't mind, Number2).

    2. You do realize I posted this link above already...

  8. Yeah, I now see that the is a link. Sorry. I just wanted to direct the readers to a particular page with great TC closeups. HH