May 25, 2015

Some brunettes - Cheryl Burke

Since its Memorial Day I thought we could all think back to when dancer Cheryl Burke was still on "Dancing with the Stars" (it was way back in 2014).

And to honor her memory click HERE for more pictures.

May 24, 2015

Some brunettes - Lucy Mecklenburgh (day 2)

Nothing much more to say about Lucy so let's just enjoy the view.

More? Sure! Click HERE

May 23, 2015

Some brunettes - Lucy Mecklenburgh

There's really not a lot of information on Lucy Mecklenburgh.
She's 23. She was born in Essex, United Kingdom.
She starred on a reality show called "The Only Way is Essex".

There are more pictures of her if you click HERE

May 22, 2015

Some brunettes - Elizabeth Hurley

After a few years off to raise her kid Elizabeth Hurley triumphantly returned this year as the queen of England in the cheesy drama "The Royals" (which just finished up its first season).

I know you need more Liz in your life - click HERE

May 21, 2015

Some brunettes - Alexis Knapp

Did you see "Pitch Perfect 2" this weekend? (It made $70 million so some of you must have.)
If so you might recognize Alexis Knapp who plays Stacie Conrad, the "highly sex-crazed Barden Bella".

And if you want more Alexis, click HERE