Dec 13, 2017

Rita Ora (again)

Told ya I had more Rita Ora (though admittedly not as good as Monday's bunch)

Get a bunch more right HERE

Dec 12, 2017

Kristen Bell

I was going to post some more Rita Ora today... but then Kristen Bell announced the Golden Globe nominees in this outfit so...

HERE is just shy of 100 KB pics

Dec 11, 2017

Rita Ora

British singer Rita Ora really wanted to be on the blog. I said only if you've got some sexy Louboutins and an ankle bracelet...

I'll bet a lot of you are going to click HERE

Dec 10, 2017

Lily Collins (day 2)

Guess I had a little more Lily Collins...

And a little more right HERE

Dec 9, 2017

Lily Collins

I posted some Lily Collins a couple of weeks ago but then she went ahead and wore this red dress so I thought I post some more today.

And speaking of more, there's more if you click HERE

Dec 8, 2017

Mystery Woman

I have absolutely no idea who this 'mystery woman' is? Could she be an actress? a Playboy playmate? a PETA spokeswoman? Guess we'll never know.

I guess you could click HERE for more clues....