Apr 1, 2010

One month!

Wow! Can you believe it's already been one full month? Since I've started the blog I've put up over 120 posts with more than 100 different women, 600+ pictures and gotten over 10000 hits! (In case anyone hasn't noticed, I usually update around 6am PST so you can start your day off with some nice new toe cleavage.) Hopefully you've all liked (most of) them but now I need your help to make this blog better.

1. Criticism - Tell me what you've liked and/or hated on the blog in the last month. If you were running this blog, what would you do different? Do you like the layout/colors/font? Any other suggestions?

2. Requests - Too much of a particular celebrity? Not enough of one? Sick of celebrities altogether and want to see some non-celeb toe cleavage?

3. I'm going to assume you found this page through comments on the chief's old page. If you didn't, tell me how you found this page. If you did (and you remember) how did you find the chief's page originally? (You can read my story below.) I'd like the most people possible to know about the Toe Cleavage blog but don't know the best way to go about 'advertising' it. Hopefully with more viewers/readers I can get more photos to share.

I do read every comment on the blog but, if you want to contact me directly, e-mail me at TC@takethepitch.com


  1. nice that you post in the morning good quallity man!! and the layout is ok, basic as it sould be, i would like to see some more non celebs (as you posted today) but keep the celebs on the site i think they were TC more then non celebs but good job!!!! and many more months to come!! ^__^ i hope.. btw i have a couple of tc pics from a (payed)site so wen i find the time i will send them to you tru the mail

    grtzz Dutch

  2. I can't imagine doing what you (or the chief ) do/did. I wouldn't know where to find the pics or what to do with them. You've done a great job! I found the original site by Googling "Toe Cleavage". It's been a fetish I've enjoyed for many years. Celebs or amatuers doesn't matter. It's all good. If it's not my thing, I just skip it. Thanks for the effort. Personally, I'd be happy with some open toe shoes with toe cleavage anytime. Combine toe and tit cleavage and it's double pleasure. There can never be too much Pam Anderson or Renee Zelwegger. Keep it up>

  3. Thanks for a great blog.

    I'd like to see some non celebs if possible, but to me it's not that important.

    My preferences are for bare legs and "closed" shoes.And if arch cleavage is on show as well such as your wife's and Renee Z it's a great bonus!

  4. I think you're doing a great job Number 2. I was an addict on Chief's site for many months and was disappointed like everyone else when he failed to return. I'm very glad you're keeping this alive. I have no criticisms and like the format. The only thing I'd say is that if higher res pictures are available, please provide them. It appears that most of the postings are all about the same size. Keep up the great work! It's one of the first things I look at every morning to start the day!

  5. Great new blog. I used to visit POTHHP every day. I understand that celebs make up the majority of available pics. amateur pics are great but there is always the risk that it's male. I respect that we all have our own criteria for what we like in shoes. So a variety helps to satisfy more viewers. Myself, i don't like platforms unless it's open-toe. Don't like a heel shorter than 4 inches. Prefer a tan colored sole... and so on. But this is not a blog just for me. It's a gift to all

  6. Number2, I like what you're doing. The presentation is great, no distractions. I would not be able to keep up such a site and I appreciate your efforts as much as I did Chief's. I just hope when the haters come you don't let it get you down. Thanks for everything.

  7. hi number 2:) just a suggestion number2 what about making such a contest of amateur photos about toe cleavage? people send you and you vote the best and even among everyone has a prize:)?

  8. This site is wonderful, really appreciate the efforts. Anybody else out there like any other kinds of shoes? I love the current fashion for flat shoes and am also a big fan of some kinds of sandals - pretty much anything that's feminine and elegant. What do others think?