Dec 20, 2010

Sing! It's Lea Michele!

Here's a couple of toe cleavage baring outfits from Glee's lead,
Lea Michele


  1. Hey Number2,

    You're doing an outstanding job here with this site. If anyone knows how much work it takes to do this stuff on a daily basis, it's me. But keep up the great work !!! Sorry I couldn't keep my site going, and so sorry for going completely AWOL on everyone earlier in the year. Number2 is truly now Number 1 !!!

    Merry Christmas everyone !!!

  2. Hey chief,

    Glad to see you like the site (and glad to see you're still around and alive). I've got a ways to go to match the amount of material and time your blog went but I'll do my best to keep the toe cleavage flag flying. If you could do me one favor - if you put a (final?) post on your blog directing people to this one, I think it would increase traffic and make the blog better (and maybe as popular as yours!). A google search for "toe cleavage" always brings up your blog and I'd like mine to get up there as well!

    Have a great holiday and 2011!

  3. Number 2, it appears Chief's site has already been hijacked.

    Is Su still out there?