Apr 8, 2011

Feeling Blue - Kate Walsh (pt. 1)

Feels like I post a lot of Kate Walsh, but as long as she keeps working those Pigalles and showing off the toe cleavage, I'll keep posting.
In fact, I think I'll post some more of her tomorrow.


  1. Number2,

    Kate always looks good. It looks like she may be popping out of her right shoe in a couple of photos, but regardless, she presents very well!\


  2. maby it's my dirrty mind (so fellows forgive me ;) )butt i love to see a foot fill up a pigalle pump so number 2.. dont worry if you may have tought it was i little to much.. i love it!!

  3. btw can anyone tell me who to look for to see "the poppng out look"???

  4. Kate Walsh definitely has it going on so far as TC is concerned. There are some drool-worthy posts of her on the Pigalle Passions site, too.

    @ Dutch: One of the best "popping" photos is of Rose McGowan, on this site: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LTi0R8IRkIs/S_w9JCunbMI/AAAAAAAACio/B3KJQrIVCaQ/s1600/RoseMcGowan01.jpg. Real alluring...

  5. or you could go just go here - http://toecleavage2.blogspot.com/search/label/Rose%20McGowan for more of that same Rose McGowan set