Jun 14, 2012

Foliage - Moss

Moss is "any tiny, leafy-stemmed, flowerless plant of the class Musci, reproducing by spores and growing in tufts, sods, or mats on moist ground, tree trunks, rocks, etc."

Kate Moss is a waifish English model who loves to sport toe cleavage when she goes out. If you'd like to see more pics of Ms. Moss, download the full file of 39 pictures HERE


  1. Kate is a bit o heaven on Earth, I'd give her a 10+ on her type of heel choice and excellent partially exposed TC! Keep em coming #2

  2. Its hard to not admire a woman who can still look this good at almost forty years old while she continues to chain-smoke upto four packs a day of cigarettes. She is a toe cleavage goddess.