Mar 2, 2014

Big announcement

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the Toe Cleavage Blog!

Over 1200 posts with over 500 different women.

It's been a lot of work with some ups and some downs.

So it is with a heavy heart,

that I have decided

to stop posting in the blog...

...only five days a week! (Psych!)

That's right - starting today we're going seven days a week, 365 days a year!

(Technically I haven't skipped a day since February 24, but I'm officially starting today)

What can you look for on the weekends?

I have no idea - it might be movie clips, it might be extensions of the theme I run during the week, it might be some random crap...

How long will it last?

Indefinitely (I hope)


Let's get this all started with some pictures from E-Bay-er starzflite (you can even buy those beige Louboutins right now)


  1. After reading the first half of your comments i was bummed out. Then i read the bottom half and was back to being happy about the mornings. Thanks for all your efforts for us t c fans!!!!

  2. I went from upset to very happy! Muchas gracias numero dos! Eres el jefe!

  3. Please do a week of arches.

  4. Thanks so much for your hard work! 4 years is a HUGE accomplishment. It's a great site with many GREAT sights! To many more /cheers!

  5. Good one!!!! You had me going. Thanx for your hard work.

  6. Auuh you had me sucked in! Lol

    I absolutely Love starsflite pics.. top notch erotic IMO..


  7. Number 2,

    You got me! I went from dejected to ebullient in a sentence!


  8. Scared me, thank you thank you

  9. OUTSTANDING Photos!!! Love the heels and arch

  10. Its nice to see Gemma back in the header, although Minka will be hard to beat !!

  11. Just keep up the brilliant job as always

  12. Fantastic! Great new! So now I can get my TCB fix on weekends too! Keep up the great work! L.O.

  13. four years?? is it really that long? ..... i think i've visited every day of that 4 years lol, ever since the old perversions of the high heel pump ended
    you have more than kept up the good work
    looking forward to the next 4 years :)