Aug 19, 2014

White women - Maddie Hasson

Madelaine "Maddie" Hasson is an American actresd currently co-starring in the ABC Family series "Twisted".


  1. Good toe cleavage but the expression on her face leaves allot to be desired. Holy Crap! If she was to smile her face might crack!

    Which brings up a point I'd like to make. All of women who are really beautiful are either high-maintenance, or think the world revolves around them and have no personality I'll take a less pretty gal (say an 8) , who smiles, has a flirty fun personality, confident, dresses hot (yes toe cleavage also) any day.... As I've gotten older it's got to be that way... Strictly "eye candy" is for the young boys.... real men what the total package..

    Mature Number3.5