Jun 16, 2015

K - Katharine McPhee

Let's get back into our look at 'K' ladies with actress/singer Katharine McPhee.
She's just released a new single and can be seen weekly on the action/drama series "Scorpion".

Or you could see more McPhee if you click HERE


  1. Those feet have tongue bath written all over them.

  2. Monsieur ChristianJune 16, 2015 at 10:38 AM

    Does anyone know who is in the cover?

  3. C'mon guys!!! Honestly with the header??

    See the two little notches in her ankle?? You see how the vein in her instep makes those two little bumps??

    I'll give you a hint. Her initials are S.B.

    (Bonus hint: This one is tough because she tans exactly the same way Hayden Panetierre does but it isn't Hayden.)


    1. knew you'd be the one to get the header girl...

    2. Yeah man. I don't really feel like it's fair all the time so that's why I don't just blurt it out every week anymore. It was easier in the beginning with Kristen Bell all the time though :o D

      Oddly enough...even though she's my absolute favorite right now, I'm not sure I could spot Kelli Berglund out of the blue yet.

  4. who cares...ugly pumps....but the cleavage is there...