Oct 9, 2015

TV time - Gina Rodriguez

31 year old Gina Rodriguez plays the 23 year old title character in the CW series "Jane the Virgin". Its second season start next week.


  1. Sorry - not to distract anyone from Gina, but have you seen the pictures of Maria Menounos waiting around the "Extra" set on Wednesday wearing a short black/white polka dot dress and Louboutin So Kate pumps? TC of epic proportions! She didn't use to wear shoes that showed off her TC much, but that appears to have changed recently. Glad she's come around! And her legs are spectacular as well . . .

    1. No need to be sorry. I'd like to see ALL of the pictures in that set HERE at this blog. Also, Sadie Calvano was at the TeenVogue gathering most recent, and Jennifer Metcalfe was at the 2015 Inside Soap awards aa well...

  2. Great post - maximum exposure!

  3. One of the best TC ever seen!!! 5 stars!!! But let me give 10!!!!