Feb 14, 2017

Actress/singers - Anna Kendrick

And I think we'll end our parade of actress/singers with Anna Kendrick whose third "Pitch Perfect" movie comes out later this year.

But if you don't want to wait for more of Ms. Kendrick, go ahead and click HERE


  1. Replies
    1. Would you happen to know why there are no longer posts in High Resolution? e.g. Pictures in like 2800 x 4250 or so.

    2. 2 posts what is available. Some images are larger than others but they ate all low res 72dpi images. I think you are confusing large with hi res. A 2800 x 4250 image at 72 dpi is a large image on your screen but is not hi res. Hi res pictures are 300dpi (at least) which is wasted on a computer screen. They would be used for print. I hope that helps. ~ZERO

    3. That's pretty much exactly right. And when did I ever post any pics at 2800x4250?

    4. Tori Kelly at the VMAs. Posted 10/2/15. I found at least one that is 3280 x 4928. I used to like to see pictures like those on my mobile device. Great clarity.

  2. Stunning toe and arch cleavage-shame about the dress.