Jan 23, 2013

New year, new toe cleavage - Jessica Chastain

Actress Jessica Chastain had seven films released in 2011 including "The Help", "The Tree of Life" and "Lawless". Currently she's starring in "Zero Dark Thirty".


  1. I'll admit I'm not usually much for redheads, but photo # 11 is just a pure hot mess. Toe cleavage, some arch and those veins in her feet are a real turn on..


  2. Jessica Chastain is an unexpected treasture. Ditto what he said - the pic with the tc and arch cleavage and veins is the tops.

    Oh, and she's great in Zero Dark Thirty. Not exactly a great TC kinda film. There may only even be a few scenes where she doesn't appear to be wearing pantyhose with her high heels, but couldn't say for sure from the theater. I'll have to get it on Bluray to pause and confirm.

    She perfectly embodies the image of an ice cold CIA agent hunting terrorists in TC heels, at least in my book!

  3. Pretty good post no.2 ! agree with no 3.5


  4. I completely can attest to 3.5 that visible veins in the feet is a huge turn on for me; sometimes even more than the tc. Some women, like Taylor Swift have non veiny feet, which can be annoying.