Apr 9, 2014

Model week 2 - Miranda Kerr (part 3)

Miranda became the first Australian model to be offered a contract with Victoria's Secret in 2007, replacing Gisele Bündchen. Upon her acceptance, she became the first ever Australian Victoria's Secret Angel. She appeared in the Victoria's Secret 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 televised runway shows, which aired on four continents. She was ranked 2nd in Forbes 2013 list of the world's highest-paid models, with estimated earnings of $7.2 million.

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  1. Pls no more of miranda kerr.2 was goof enough

    1. Sorry, it must be terrible for you, having to look at a leggy Australian supermodel day after day

    2. I'm with Orlando Bloom up there... she has a funny small face.

    3. ... yep small face she dose have. Hey whats up with factiods its messing up my wanking at the pics

  2. I actually think she's waaay better than some of others we've seen on here... Sharp dresser, classy stiletto pumps, toe cleavage and arch.... What-the-hell-more do you want?!

    I simply love the photo of her in the snakeskin pumps. And the chick in blue isn't to shabby either...