Dec 20, 2015

Bella Thorne (day 2)

Okay, if you promise me all your Christmas shopping is done, I'll show you some more pictures of Bella Thorne.

You promised, right? Alright, then you can see more HERE


  1. I'ff been waiting for a Twitter pics - December (part 2) not that the month is tru, but you did such a great job with the second post November.

  2. gotta have those heels....

  3. Sooo many things to say!!!

    For starters, Bella Thorne is such a breathe of fresh air!!! I LOVE this girl.

    Secondly...I knew instantly who the headliner was and I can't believe she has TEN entries here!!!! :o O

    Finally...Another dude from another site announced yesterday that he was taking a couple of weeks off from posting to recharge and "get away from" his site.
    You NEVER do this and I just want to say thank you for being born-again-hard and never stopping.

    Horns up to you 2 \m/,

    Much love,


  4. She's beautiful from head to toe.