Feb 2, 2016

Twitter pics - January (part 2)

Told ya I'd be posting Twitter pics today.

Download 'em all right HERE


  1. Who is the blonde news girl, in the black dress and heels she is hot. Can we have a post on her???

  2. Nice post :)
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    Maria V.

  3. OMG, think my obsession with TC/heels/feet may be growing into an addiction - can actually identify where some of these pics are from. Scary. :-(

    That said, not really into the look of nylons with heels. Barefooted is so much sexier, IMO.

  4. Agree with Bad Anon, not into the stockings and heels look, bare feet are so much hotter. The twitter pics are so much better than the celebrities. Maybe an occasional focus on internet high heel models, like a best of. Either way TC we appreciate your dedication. Carrie Lachance is very hot internet model, but wont be the best cause she always have on nylons(yuck)