Mar 1, 2016

6th anniversary post, a funny story and some Twitter pics

Hey guys! To celebrate the blog’s (gulp!) 6th anniversary, I’ve got a funny blog story for you – well. I find it funny at least…

So there’s this guy, I’ll call him Scotty the Dummy (STD) for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

STD discovers my blog some time in mid/late 2015 and starts commenting on it. At first it’s the standard stuff with a few questions/requests. The requests become demands and insults and so I put STD on the old spam list, which is great for me because I don’t even see whatever he posts… if he posts at all… and I go about my life.

Here’s where it gets funny (again, probably just for me) – I happen to check my spam folder (on an unrelated matter) and I find that STD has been sending me messages – multiple times, every day! Seriously, throughout December/January, he sent like 150 comments – comments I never read, replies (that never got posted) to comments on the board, over and over again. No one ever saw these comments. It was like screaming at a deaf man. And it’s not like he ever said anything original or interesting. For fun I decided to read through some of his missives over the last month and a half and I found out:

I’m gay (which will be a surprise to my wife) – some form of that insult was stated about 20 times
My wife is a man (a surprise to her and anyone who has seen her)
I’m a loser/more vulgar insults
At least a dozen references to calling me diarrhea2 (hilarious!)
My blog post sucks/the pictures aren’t big enough (about 30 times) – this from someone who comes back every day
It’s time for me to quit – again, from someone who comes back every day
All of my readers are sycophants (I’d like to thank you all for agreeing with everything I say and 5-starring every post!)
And, because of course, at least a dozen racist comments about some of the women I’ve posted

Then on January 29 he commented “… I’m out. You wanted me to stop coming here, so later…” Now of course you all realize that I had no idea he was still coming here and commenting. I really didn’t care at all about STD, he was (and still is) a non-entity to me.
Now here is where the funny becomes sad (well, it’s still kinda funny) and you can probably guess where this is going. Two weeks later, on February 13 to be exact, guess who’s back! Since then he’s commented over 30 times to deaf ears (except when I went back to write this post).

So STD, I salute you and your perseverance and let this be a notice to you that from this moment forth no comment of yours shall ever be read by me, unless…..

I’ll leave it to you, dear blog readers. Shall I un-spamify poor little STD who can’t help but to come to the blog he hates every single day? Would you like to see the urbane, witty comments he posts several times a day from his mother’s basement in New Mexico? Let me know. As always, your wish is my command.

Seriously though, I would like to thank all of you who comment (productively). Some days it’s what makes this blog (and blogger) keep going. And a special thank you again to all those who contributed in November – it meant a lot to me.

Now on with the damn Twitter pics (which STD hates by the way)

Download 'em all HERE


  1. Thanks for keeping STD to Him or Her self. You do a classy blog and you are appreciated for that.

  2. i for one don't really wanna listen to some psycho everyday


  3. Yea, leave his ass on the spam list. I know a psycho like that and they get old after awhile.

  4. Let him fade away into the unknown 2. And may your gay ass and your man wife be happy all the days of your lives. ~ZERO

  5. I think it`s a brilliant blog.

  6. Nuke him!
    By the way, did you watch the Stiletto Challenge between stilettocouturebella and teamyummymummy on YouTube? 29 days in February, 29 days of different heels. Nirvana!

    1. I saw Bella's - didn't know someone else was doing it. I'll have to check 'em out.

    2. Thanks for the info on that. Checked it out - hot! Love Bella.

  7. Happy to see that our comments make a difference cause we love this blog and enjoy it daily. Thanks for taking requests and also for giving us a video here and there. Would love to see more references to other pages or woman from you (or us followers) and last but not least I respectfully enjoy the posts of wife's that contributed there photos on here.


  8. Since when do gay men care about hott sexy toe cleavage? As for your man wife if she enjoys you posting photos of her I say have at it.

    And let STD sit in your spam folder where he belongs.. He's just looking for an audience, please don't give him one.

    Concerning the twitter photos, we'll those are my favorites and the hottest IMO..I download those more that any others for future reference and study.


  9. I think you just glorified him by giving him several inches of blog space... Obviously, he did get your goat. But he's really not worth your time.

    1. Nah, my goat is still firmly planted... I didn't even know he was sending messages till a few weeks ago. That's why I thought it was funny.

  10. I agree with the other comments and thank you immensely for shielding us from STD. You gave him much more (belated) audience than I would ever give him/her. Now with that said, another excellent Twitter post!

  11. I'll pray for STD's lost soul. I've learned SO much on this blog: apparently there's a stiletto challenge I need to catch up on, I can now identify many pairs of Louboutin and Jimmy Choo pumps, and the women of Twitter are SMOKIN hot! Thanks for all you do, Number2.

  12. One thing is for sure is that you can't argue with STD type people, you can't counter their arguments, you can't reason with them. They will always twist everything to be right regardless of any rationality. The only counter move is to consider them a badge of honour and thank them for their input. A successful individual will have 3-4 'trolls'. Once you get over 10 you will be a significant presence on the net/media.

  13. There is nothing more to say about this blog that hasn't already been said, especially "may your gay ass and your man wife be happy all the days of your lives. ~ZERO" I died when I read that. You do a great job, and for the last 5+ years, your blog has been my first stop with my morning coffee. Keep up the outstanding work! As for STD, he had his 15 minutes, it's not worth your time, and I'm sure everyone is over him already. Thanks for sharing his story, it was a good laugh.