Apr 3, 2016

Michelle Monaghan weekend (day 2)

More Michelle Monaghan? Maybe...

Even more? Okay, click HERE


  1. Man, you KNOW it's an amazing display when the girl can make me appreciate the color yellow.
    There are only two things that have made me like yellow. Miss Elizabeth's dress at SummerSlamm '88 and today's post.

    Guys!?!? C'mon with the header already!??! You still can't get it??

    Here's another hint:
    Spider Man couldn't save her.


  2. This girl is off the charts. Best of the year hands down!

  3. GREAT post, Number2! The TC and arches are spectacular.

    ZERO: Number2 spoon-fed my novice brain the answer to your question yesterday. Emma Stone is the beauty of the month! And she was a great Gwen Stacy.
    Thanks for your patience. Still learning. ~HH

  4. Great TC today, unfortunately she has a ugly feet...

  5. She is definitely a TC all-star. Loooove her TC and arches and great taste in shoes.