Feb 21, 2011

Chief Week - Jessica Stroup

As I near my one year anniversary, I figured I'd do a tribute to the man that
started it all, Chief. I'm sure you've all been to his blog and if he was still doing it, I wouldn't be.

So since this is last week of my first year, I thought I'd post the last five
lovely, toe cleavage sporting ladies that ended his blog.

First up - Jessica Stroup, posted by Chief on December 17, 2009.


  1. All hail the Chief!!

  2. All hail the New Chief!

  3. Our current provider is doing excellent work, but the Chief, like Columbus, found and fulfilled a need for all of us! Thanks Chief!!!

  4. Number2,

    You're doing a terrific job. It is hard to believe it's been a year already. Keep up the great work !!! I try to follow here as much as I can (as I'll certainly never lose interest in the subject matter).


  5. the most beautiful girl alive maybe. just a glimpse of her feet and i get jizz in my pantalones