Feb 3, 2011

Pants! - Gemma Arterton

One of my personal favorites, British actress Gemma Arterton, pairs her
pants with some nice black Louboutin Pigalles


  1. indeed! verry stunning.
    i hope to see more pic's that have been taken from the back (it simply shows more tc)

  2. The Pigalle is in my opinion the sexiest shoe ever made. It further has the ability to turn just about any average leg into a sexy leg.

    Great post, love your pics.

    enjoy your weekend.

  3. Agree with Anonymous 2 and Colin, above.

    A little aside, Number 2, note how your Pigalle postings generate so much response compared to plats or any other shoe!

    How about a slingbacks week? Also a great shoe to view from the back.

  4. 1. Tough to find celeb pics from behind - seems most celebrities only pose for pictures from the front

    2. Of course the Pigalles get (relatively) a lot of response but this isn't a Pigalle blog.
    There is a Pigalle blog and it's great.

    3. It's also surprising hard to find good pix of female celebs in slingbacks that also show toe cleavage. Mostly you get either the TC or the open back. Looking through my non-posted pics I see only a couple of slingback sets waiting to go up - not enough for a full week.

  5. FELICITACIONES por las pics, vuelvo a comentar que me encanta os pies de gemma en los pigalles, por favor alguien sabe de algun video de los pies de Gemma en estos tacones que suba el link, me encantaría mirar su escote en los dedos del pie, es delicioso.