Mar 27, 2013

Blondes - Kirsten Dunst

If you'd like to see actress Kirsten Dunst fall a lot, check her out in any of the "Spider-Man" movies (except the last one).

If you'd like to see her boobies, check out "Melancholia".


  1. Some the ugliest shoes to ever appear on this hallowed site!


  2. Those are some fugly shoes (be disrespectful to call them heels or stilettos). Me I wouldn't wear them out to pick up dog crap in my yard! Err not that I'm "into" that sorta thing wearing them myself, (love looking at the women), but if others are that's OK, have-at-it I say..


  3. I don't think the shoes are the fugliest ever, and but they do have some high points: namely, they show an awful lot of some very sexy feet. And that aint all bad.