May 29, 2013

POST #1000 !!!!!

Three years, two months and twenty-eight days ago The Toe Cleavage Blog was born.

Today we reach the milestone of 1000 posts

Here's some semi-interesting stats:

Posts - one thousand (duh)
Pageviews all-time - over two million
Comments - over two thousand

Over half of the pageviews come from the USA with the UK and Germany at #2 and #3

Top three posts of all time by number of pageviews
1. New month, new toe cleavage - a couple of Carolines
2. Who's missing? aka the Wish List
3. New-vember - Beth Behrs

Number of different celebrity women posted - 475

Most posted woman - a tie between Kim Kardashian and Rihanna at 19 appearances apiece

I want to thank the chief for his original toe cleavage blog, my regular commenters (Number3.5, Dutch, Fangflyer, Bad Anon, Munich, ~ZERO, BW, Jebb, Jeff) and all my anonymous commenters. Good or bad, I read all the comments and it keeps me going to know that there are other like-minded individuals out there. Sorry I have to put the approval on the comments but it means the rest of you don't have to see spam or idiotic comments like 'white meat only'. Double thanks to anyone who's clicked on the Amazon banner.

There will be a few cosmetic changes coming to the blog soon, probably next week. Nothing major.

And who gets to be the lucky lady who is Ms. Post #1000?  
None other than my wife, making her first appearance here since April 1, 2010.


  1. You are a lucky man! Thanks for all of your posts and efforts over the years.I look forward to waking up to your great pictures!

  2. Thanks for all the posts!

  3. Great pics. I would have respectfully asked if your wife has a sister that is just as sexy, but I wouldn't want to offend.

    Its clear that you are a lucky, lucky guy and that you are doing a wonderful community service with all your outstanding posts and TC pictures!

  4. Love this blog, thanks for all the great posts!!

  5. Truly a worthy choice for #1000 post. Keep up the great work and don't wait so long to post more of your better half!

  6. Number2 - You're a lucky man to get your own private showing from the other half. Love the pics and tell your wife I enjoyed them very much and hope to see more. Curious does she also enjoy or review the candidates for this site? I thought she might since she was a good sport in posing for you.

    I'm working on Mrs Number3.5 for some quality TC shots to present. First it was "no way", now she's I admit a bit curious after viewing your site and the classy pics. Plus her knowing how much I enjoy stopping in here daily she's considering grant me my wish... lol I think deep-down she wants to play the "naughty bad girl"

    I feel bad for those poor saps who don't get or enjoy all the many facets of taking in a real women's beauty. It's exhilarating and liberating. I believe it helps to stimulate a real man and his relationship with women who enjoy a man and is intimate company.

    Anyhow congrats on # 1000. Stopping in here makes my day and uplifts my spirits.


  7. you show the feet of your wife more often !

  8. Congratulations for the excellent work done, now waiting for the 2 000th post ! and congratulations for your wife, you're a Lucky guy

  9. Number2,

    Great work, and the perfect choice for post 1000! I look forward everyday to seeing your posts!


  10. The right flexing foot on pics #16,#17 and #18. I love when girls do this while they are sitting with their legs crossed

  11. Damn, you are a lucky guy! Thanks for sharing your wife's cleavage(s) with us, and for your diligence and time in posting day after day!



  13. Hi Number2. It's great to see your wife in your 1000th post and it's also great to see she is wearing the gorgeous sexy black pigalles. I love the shots where she is showing a lot of leg, very sexy indeed. My wife also has a pair of these wonderful pigalles in black and I have taken numerous pictures of her(and a few videos too) during the last year or so! What's the chances of us seeing a vid of your wife walking in her heels some time? Keep up the great work! PS

  14. One can always expect to find quality posts on this blog. Thanks for the great work. By the way, it's great to see Emma's lovely feet on the header.

  15. Thanks for all the posts, the creat toe-cleavage almost every day and for continuing the work from the chief.
    I also want to send greetings to this great community - it is fantastic for me to know, that there are so many individuals with good taste giving their appreciation to this work.

    Best greetings also to your wife, appreciating her toe-cleavage.

  16. Congrats Number 2! Thanks for all the posts

  17. Thanks for all the posts Congrats Number 2!

  18. Thank your wife from all of us. It's good for you (bad for us) that you keep part of her just for yourselves. I can't imagine that her face is any less elegant than her legs...even if it were, would it matter? She ranks with any one of the celebs on here physically. I hope you get to enjoy that as often as possible.