Jun 3, 2013

Some more black Loubis - Lucy Mecklenburgh

Time for a few changes - I think I've amassed enough close ups of to cleavage to change the header so that you'll see a new one every week.  Keeping the black, white and red color scheme.  I like it and I'm too lazy to change it.

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Since the last week of black Louboutins was so well received, how about another?

"The Only Way Is Essex" is a British BAFTA Award-winning reality television show based in Essex, England. It shows "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way" and has been described as Britain's answer to "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore".

One of its stars is Lucy Mecklenburgh.


  1. Number2,

    Nice work, and thanks for the huge effort! I appreciate it!

    How about a close-up of Bip Ling's Black Loubutin's as the header photo? I would recommend photo number 5 in your album of her....


    1. Fangflyer I checked it out -- that pic works for me, oh yeah it sure does! :)


  2. So totally hot toe cleavage, and she's got a great pair of stems to go with it.


  3. I don't like the header.