Jan 21, 2014

New year, new Toe Cleavage - Two Zs for Tuesday

Zoe Levin is an 18 year old actress with just seven credits, her biggest being in the movie "The Way Way Back" from last year.

Another Disney discovery, Zoey Deutch began her career in 2010 on the Disney Channel series "The Suite Life on Deck" as Maya, Zack Martin's love interest. She can next be seen as Rosemarie Hathaway in the film "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters".


  1. Zoey Deutch is the winner for me..
    i drool wen i see those types op pumps (enkle strap, open sides)

    so even if Zoe Levin shows more TC, it's the shoe that makes the difference's in this one (for me)
    love the foto were 4 of them have (a small amount of) TC, verry unique!!!!

    and who is the girl in the last foto ? im in love with her man... wow


  2. Pretty sure that's Sarah Hyland from Modern Family

  3. Zoe, is some young but still hot toe cleavage... so glad to see a young woman dressed up proper... I almost feel guilty for looking at her for being so young... I'm usually attracted to the more mature older woman... Older women are just pure hotness from head to toe, and they aren't afraid to show you, or tell what they want..

    Not a fan of Zoey's heels per say...


  4. 2 you big psychic freak!!!

    I JUST saw a commercial for Vampire Academy last night and remembered Zoey from the show Ringers and I was thinking "man, I can't wait until 2 gets his hands on this chick!!!"

    And here she is the very next day!!! \m/,

    You are taking it to the next level....now get your cameras out of my living room!!!