Feb 17, 2014

Post Valentine's Day Red - Dakota Fanning

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day last week.
To commemorate the reddest of all the holidays I thought we'd examine some toe cleavage in red shoes.

Actress Dakota Fanning will be turning 20 next week and she's got three movies coming out later this year.

For more Fanning, click HERE


  1. Dakota looks great in her Laboutins, as does Minka kellys header shot! Thanks

  2. header .. priceless
    post of today and yesterday mega!!

    i dont think this post will be easy to top, but im good for the whole week ;P

    thanks No. 2


  3. Hey #2 - I can't find where to post "general" comments, so I apoogize for cluttering Dakota comments. Read and delet it. I tried twice to vote per your post request. Last week and again today. I'm not on any of the socail medial sites so I was not able to vote. I know I'm in a small minority these days, jsut not inteterested in them. I have used your Amazon link and would subscribe if this was a fee site.

  4. WOW.....pretty young toes on display....and whoever said mondays were dreary


  5. Great arch cleavage too! Big turn on. Awesome post!