Jul 2, 2015

Current movies - Amber Heard

Let's take a look at some women (and their toe cleavage) who are in movies currently playing at you local multi-plex.

Amber Heard can be seen in the movie "Magic Mike XXL".

More pictures of Amber can be seen HERE


  1. Nice post. In particular, I like the exposure of her shapely calves in pics 1 and 5.

  2. Both of those shoes look good on pale skin.

  3. Great post:-) I have a small suggestion: maybe you could post separate posts for separate photo sets(?) The Amber Heard post has a 5 star (nude louboutin so kate) and a 3 star for the other one, at leasts for me, so I gave it a 4 stars as average. Sometimes it's difficult to rate a certain post due to different and individual images as one whole...but those are just my humble 2 cents:) keep up the great work! Dan

  4. Amber Heard is just one of those girls who can do no wrong in my book. ~ZERO